Nix Interview Jitters for Good!


Do you get the jitters before an interview? Do you fear embarrassing yourself or not saying the right thing? Does this result in you fidgeting or stumbling over your words despite knowing exactly what you wanted to say? Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why your physiological responses are so overwhelming?

Here are a few things to keep in mind to shake those pre-interview jitters:

  • You are competent. If you were contacted for an interview, chances are that your potential employer was impressed with what they knew of you. This may be a result of a well written resume or the ever-popular pre-interview Google search. Either way, you earned that interview. Own it.

  • Sell Yourself. No one is going to be a better advocate for you than yourself. You know what you have done and what you are capable of. Be candid. Be yourself. But, don’t forget to prove your competence.

  • Don’t Be Intimidated. Hold yourself higher. With the current shortage of IT workers, chances are good that your potential employer needs you as much as you may or may not need them. Recognize that your interviewer was once an interviewee. Take comfort in knowing it probably wasn’t the most comfortable situation for them either.

  • Be Honest but Avoid Over Sharing. If an interviewer asks a question that you are unsure how to answer, it is always best to be honest and direct…AND positive. Remember to answer with conviction but avoid negative emotion especially in relation to previous employers. In the case that there may have been aspects of the work itself that you were unwilling to deal with, this could be an opportunity to switch hands and tell them what you do and do not appreciate in an employer. Chances are that question is next on the list anyhow.

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photo credit: Ludovic Bertron via Flickr

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