The New Manager

Victoria Graeve­Cunningham, Director of Lean Operations


Managing  is centered on exercising  the activities to advance the direction  of the organization, while leading is influencing others and creating a vision for change.


The  overlap  between  leadership  and  management  can  be  blurred  especially,  because  the similarities shared by both roles: (a) influencing people, (b) working towards meeting goals, and (c) ensuring the success of an organization. It may not always be evident, but there is a distinct difference between the two; meaning, they require different skills and strengths.


Even  though  there  is  a  delineation  between  the roles,  as  organizations  focus  on  eliminating waste to increase  the  bottom line, it is becoming more common for an employee to hold both management  and  leadership  responsibilities.  Organizations  should  not  assume  because someone  is  an  effective  manager  they  will  be  a  great  leader  or  visa  versa.  Therefore,  it  is imperative that organizations  ensure  their  management team obtain leadership knowledge and skills through effective training.