The Need for a Skills Gap Analytical Tool

Tim R. Erikson

A new AIM white paper provides an overview of the difficulty for new graduates to find employment in their field of study, identifies issues that may contribute to that difficulty, and proposes the creation of a tool that may assist in their resolution by projecting out prospective job growth in employment categories.
The paper identifies initial issues persistent in the job search of recent college graduates and the idea that they have paid for a significant amount of institutional enlightenment that may not provide them with any greater job prospects than they had before postsecondary work occurred. It provides an overview of breakdowns in communication between students and business. It also looks for ways to provide information to postsecondary students as they are making postsecondary choices. The paper then encourages the creation of a tool that can provide information to be obtained on job prospects available to students after graduation based upon labor market analysis for four or more years into the future. It also identifies some significant issues to be included in the creation of the tool on prospective employment. This paper and other recent AIM research is available here.