Money Isn’t Everything: Hiring Negotiations Go Far Beyond Salary

negWhen I first entered the workforce, I had no idea that I could negotiate the terms of a job offer. The idea of asking for a higher rate of pay was intriguing yet seemed far too demanding. As with all learning experiences, as I grew in my field, I realized I was only cheating myself and became more assertive with asking for the salary I desired and deserved. Then came the next lesson…

Salary is NOT the only negotiable in a hiring proposal! During a recent article on startup hiring, we discussed the importance of offering alternative benefits in place of those a company is not capable of providing whether it be equity, experience, or learning opportunities. The same is true for salary negotiations on behalf of the candidate.

Let’s look at this scenario. A woman applies for a position with a well-known organization. The position seems perfect, but the salary offer is a bit low. She possesses all the right skills but was informed that the organization does not have the means to negotiate salary. What other benefits are up for negotiation?

While it may seem vain, some may be prefer a better job title in place of a salary increase.

Vacation Time
Who doesn’t like a little extra vacation time? Requesting additional vacation days, especially for a pre-planned trip makes a whole lot of sense.

Schedule Flexibility
Today, we are all faced with scheduling conflicts. Flexible scheduling allows for work/life balance.

Job Scope
Sometimes, salary cannot be increased without increasing the role of the candidate. If your hiring manager mentions that you must move up one level to receive increased salary, ask how taking on that role would alter the scope of your position and go from there.

Relocation Expenses
If the new opportunity involves relocation, requesting assistance with the cost of moving is not unheard of and can be a huge help.

Teleworking Options
Requesting to work from home or out of the office is often a shot in the dark, but everything can be discussed and negotiated.

Severance Packages
Even severance packages can be on the table when negotiating a new job offer, especially for higher-level and better-compensated positions. It may seem off-putting to request severance packages before accepting the job offer. However, if you are leaving a promising position, you may want to leverage this as a means of safeguarding in case the new role does not work out.

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