Millennials: How to Prepare Yourself for Your Future Career (Part II)

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When it comes to hiring people in the current generation, one of the biggest concerns among employers is that Millennials are not adequately prepared to enter the workforce due to a lack of proper work ethic, experience, and certain essential skills.

On top of that, some Millennials–around 60% of those surveyed, according to a recent study conducted by Bentley University–have also reported that they don’t feel comfortable taking a professional career, and personally blame themselves.

Last Friday, we discussed some of the ways that Millennials can prepare themselves for their future career. To round off our discussion, here are a few more tips:

  • Invest in your soft skills. You may be infinitely qualified when it comes to the technical side of the position, but that won’t necessarily guarantee that you are ready for the job. Investing in your soft skills–which refers to a person’s attitude, communication skills, ability to work with others, critical thinking skills, and work ethic–is an extremely important part of getting yourself ready for your career and ensuring that you are a well-rounded candidate and employee. Not only that—making sure you have a great balance between your technical skills and soft skills can help make you stand out amongst others vying for the position.
  • Take advantage of internships. Internships are a great way to make an ‘in’ with the company you possibly want to work for. Not only will it help you gain the necessary the experience that you would need for the job, but it’s also a great way to test out a field without taking on a full-time job after graduation. And, if you decide to not go out for the position, at least you gain some experience in the professional world and are building your resume–a definite win-win for you.
  • Show off your values and skills. Millennials are quite different from their older counterparts, but that shouldn’t be negative thing. Take the time to show employers how your values and skills can actually help contribute to their company’s success. Whether that means your great technology and social media skills, or that you believe authenticity is an important part of a professional career, take the time to translate your skills into real business value.

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photo credit: itupictures via photopin cc