Here’s Why Marriott International is Making Waves in the Mobile Job App Arena

Marriott International has made its way onto this blog a few times, from its efforts to bring gamification to the forefront of recruiting, to its great employer brand thanks to its presence on social media.

Suffice to say, we’ve been pretty impressed with Marriott’s recruiting arsenal, and it only looks like it’s getting better and better.

Recently, Marriott launched a web site that will allow job seekers to apply for positions via mobile devices with hopes of gaining a competitive edge over other companies in what they believe will be a major transformation in recruiting, especially when it comes to attracting Millennials.

Sure, on the outside it might not seem that impressive that Marriott has a mobile job app–there are plenty of companies making the move towards more mobile friendly apps–but what we’re most excited about is what their application has to offer. To show you, we’ve highlighted a few of the details that make Marriott’s mobile job app stand out:

They’re going where the talent is

As David Rodriguez, Marriott’s chief human resources officer notes, “Making sure that you are on the platforms that are the preferred ways for Millennials to engage with you, that becomes very key,” something we couldn’t agree with more.

As it stands, about 63.2% of Millennials use their mobile devices to go on the Internet and by 2020, Millennials will make up about 46% of the workforce; that means that a significant chunk of your talent will most likely be found on mobile web browsers rather than traditional desktop browsers.

Marriott obviously sees this demand and has taken advantage of it early on, giving them plenty of time to fix any bugs before the app becomes absolutely necessary.

On top of that, Marriott has also considered its international presence, factoring in job seekers from countries like China and India, where the primary source for web access is through a mobile device.

They’re aiming for user-friendly

Marriott is also making an effort to be as user-friendly as possible, something that is extremely important when it comes to recruiting top talent.

Candidates can connect with their LinkedIn account, allowing the Marriott app to grab whatever information it needs for the application. Marriott has also added dropped down menus and multiple-choice options, eliminating the need to type in a ridiculous amount of information, which can often frustrate users.

Their app is content rich, rather than text heavy 

Marriott has also put together a mobile version of their assessment test for entry-level job applicants who don’t have well-built resumes that they can enter. These assessments also rely on photo-based multiple-choice questions that you can have read aloud to you, which Marriott hopes “will allow them to identify solid candidates who don’t have especially strong literacy skills but might thrive in a job that requires little reading.”

And, if that wasn’t enough, the app also uses your device’s GPS to show you the commuting distance between your current location (assumed to be your home) and work, as well as places near your workplace, such as coffee shops, banks, parking facilities, and more.

We definitely think Marriott International deserves an A+ for their recruiting arsenal. What do you think? Let us know by connecting with us on Facebook or Twitter!