Making Recruiting a Success: Why You Are the Most Important Factor

“Recruitment is simple. Organizations should have one defined objective—to locate, attract, and hire top talent.”

Or at least, that’s what Morgan Hoogvelt, chief talent scout for Clear Channel Communications, says in his article for

But, as Hoogvelt notes, the HR world is flooded with trends–often making it difficult for recruiters and hiring managers to focus on the core fundamentals and practices of HR.

Yesterday, we talked about how you (the recruiter), are the most important factor in making the recruiting process a success. Because at the end of the day, the decision on who you hire or pass up is ultimately your choice–meaning that the responsibility falls on you.

To drive that point home, here are a few things to consider (tools which Hoogvelt says you can’t buy or replace):

  • Common sense
  • Simple decency
  • An engaging personality
  • A positive outlook
  • The ability to build and cultivate relationships
  • The natural ability to be personable and approachable

All of these factors have one thing in common: you.

Sure, social media, email, and mobile recruiting can do a lot to expose your job postings to a wider audience, but once those candidates start coming, it’s you who has to hook them in.

Take, for example, a great candidate experience (something that we’ve argued is certainly not a trend, but a core fundamental of HR). When it comes to a great candidate experience, the main factor depends all on how well you treat your candidate, and how well you can connect. If you come off as insincere, chances are that you’ll lose out on some great talent.

Throughout our posts, we’ve given you a number of tips to help you enhance your overall recruiting experience, but along with them, we’ve always stressed the need to be personable, engaging, and authentic. Start with the very basics, and from there, build your recruiting method up.

One more thing–as always, remember to go with the proven methods and tools when it comes to recruiting new talent.