Maintaining Data Privacy In The Cloud

Everywhere we turn, we are reminded of “The Cloud.” “The Cloud” is a dynamic way to access data, software, & interfaces through a standard browser. Sounds amazing, right? We can streamline processes and collaborate at a much more dynamic level through the sharing of data and software. These opportunities provide cost savings and convenience. With increased efficiency, savings, and convenience, what could go wrong? Security!


Advancements in “The Cloud” are opening up new ways to streamline HR tasks and processes that will increase efficiency through automated updates and streamlined data entry. However, HR professionals must account for new security vulnerabilities.

Because HR is responsible for housing and maintaining social security numbers, contact information, and benefit information as well as onboarding and offboarding information and documentation, it is also their responsibility to ensure the confidentiality of such information. There are three elements that are essential to HR security in “The Cloud.” First, HR must have a strong internal IT governance for housing confidential information. Secondly, the cloud service provider used must be reliable. Lastly, strong security measures must be placed on both the internal IT governance and the chosen cloud service provider.

Many companies promise cloud storage and cloud security. While it may seem easier to randomly chose a provider, it is vital to research various options to ensure that the company and software selected are reliable from a security standpoint. Every HR department should have an already established strong internal IT governance over confidential information. The same level of security governance must be established with any cloud service provider to ensure absolute security and avoid any possible security breaches.

photo credit: Instant Vantage via flickr cc

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