Looking for quality applicants? Start by creating a stronger employer profile


Careerlink has one of the largest reaches to local, quality applicants in the Omaha metro area.

Are you currently using Careerlink to post job opportunities? Does your profile need a refresher? Read below and discover how a clear, organized and visually-appealing employer profile can attract more quality applicants.

For these best practices we reached out to Children’s Hospital & Medical Center and Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Nebraska, two companies that do a great job utilizing all of the features Careerlink offers.

Make it visual

First things first— make sure you have a high-definition logo on your employer profile. Your logo is the first thing customers and applicants associate your company with, so it should be sharp and easy to find on all of your marketing materials.

Careerlink now offers a space for your company to introduce itself to potential applicants through photos, videos and branding elements. Your company works hard on its brand and culture; make sure your digital profile reflects those efforts!


Share your company’s story

Speaking of culture— how will an applicant know if they are a good fit if they don’t have a basic idea of the characteristics that make your company unique?

“It’s important to include as much information as possible about your company to give applicants a clear understanding of what sets a position at your company apart from others in the market,” said Kimberly Alley-Wright, Talent Sourcing Coordinator at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center.

Pernell Toney, Director of Talent Acquisition at Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Nebraska added,

“It’s important for applicants to know as much as they can about your company benefits, culture and mission upfront so they know if they are a good fit before they submit an application.”


Post very specific job descriptions

Both Alley-Wright and Toney agreed that when you describe job opportunities as specific as possible, your company saves time and finds more quality candidates during the hiring process.

“At Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, we try to emphasize the points of difference (e.g. flex schedule, flex pay) between postings so applicants can find the job that best fits their needs. We try to be transparent when it comes to what is expected of our employees, and support that by providing job descriptions that are very detailed and specific,” said Alley-Wright.

“We find that the more closely a job description conveys what we are looking for, the applications we receive are more aligned to what we need, which saves a time during sourcing. To make our descriptions more specific and realistic we add descriptions like:

-You will succeed in this position if you…

-To be considered you must have…

-The strongest candidates for this position will also possess…” said Toney.


Utilize social media

More and more companies are using social media to quickly connect with potential employees during the hiring process. Posting jobs on social media also allows companies to tailor their target audience with paid ads.

“We have created a group comprised of the talent acquisition, marketing and social media teams to look at how we can better describe the jobs we post, and how to best match each post to each specific platform (LinkedIn, Facebook, job boards, etc.),” said Toney.


Most of these tips are relatively easy to apply to your current employer profile; However, if you need assistance or would like to add these practices as an additional feature to your employer profile, you can contact your Careerlink Account Representative at 877.345.5025 x401.


What are your company’s best practices for online recruiting? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook or Twitter. We would love to hear from you!


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