Leaders: 3 Reasons Why You Need to Follow Through

Following through is an important skill that all leaders need to have, whether they’re the team supervisor, department manager, or CEO.

Believe or not, there are leaders out there who don’t follow through on their promises. This greatly affects their credibility as a leader, from how their employees view them, to the productivity of the company, and even to how employees view themselves.

To help you avoid going back on your word, we’re going to talk about three reasons why you need to follow through with your promises. Take a look below:

  • Not following through ruins your reliability. When an employee says they’ll get something done, you expect them to get it done, right? Well, the same goes for you as a leader. Don’t promise that you will do something and then fall through.

    The consequences are the same. When an employee goes back on their word, then it seems as if they aren’t fit for the task—and this goes for the leader, as well. The next time you promise that bonus for an employee referral, or that you would solve an issue in the workplace, make sure you go through with it.

  • Not following through ruins productivity. That brings us to our next point: not keeping your word can put a damper on productivity. If employees see that you can’t keep your promises, then it might lead them to believe that they don’t need to either. As a leader, you set the tone for the rest of your team, so make sure you do everything in your power to keep your promises.
  • Not following through negatively affects employee satisfaction. Above all, you need to keep in mind how going back on your word can affect employee satisfaction. Employees rely heavily on their leaders for a lot of things; you are, after all, the one who makes the big decisions in regards to them, as well as their connection to the higher-ups. When you don’t follow through on a promise, chances are that your employees won’t feel like they matter too much to you or the company, which can really change their perspective on things.

Not following through can have some serious consequences. And as a leader, all eyes are on you, which makes it even more important to go through with your promises.

Make sure that you can stand behind what you say. The alternative can lead to some pretty undesirable results, and really, keeping to your word is just the right thing to do.