Leaders: 3 Reasons Why It’s Important To Be a Mentor to Your Team

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From delegating tasks, to enforcing company policy, to ensuring efficiency, leaders have a wide variety of responsibilities when it comes taking care of their team.

But leadership is more than just telling your employees what to do. Aside from making the executive decisions that make their team successful in their day to day tasks, great leaders have another extremely important responsibility: to be a mentor to each person on their team.

Unfortunately, not every leader knows the importance of mentoring their team. To show you what we mean, here are three reasons why it is important to be a mentor and how it can make you a great leader. Take a look below:

  • Mentors help their company grow. Whether it comes to supervising a team, a department, or the whole office building, companies need plenty of leaders to guide their employees. As such, it is up to those already in leadership positions to help budding talent grow into great leaders themselves. In turn, the more leaders that are developed, the better the chance a company has to grow and become more successful.
  • Mentors can contribute to the employee satisfaction. Employees, especially the Millennial group, are always looking for meaningful relationships and personal growth in their careers. When you invest in your team, they’ll invest in you, and one way to do that is through mentoring. As a mentor, you are there to assist your team in not only being successful at their current jobs, but also in becoming successful in their careers. This kind of meaningful relationship can do a lot to help boost employee satisfaction and make your company much more successful.
  • Mentorship can help your leadership skills. On top of every great thing a mentor can do for their company and employees, learning to be a mentor is one of the best ways to enhance your leadership skills. For the most part, anyone can tell a group of people a list of commands, but it is those who can influence and inspire others to become successful that are rare leaders and highly sought after.

Check back tomorrow when we give you a few tips on how you can become a mentor and great leader to your team. In the meantime, what you do you think about mentorship? Is it an important thing to strive towards in leadership? Let us know by connecting with us on Facebook or Twitter!

photo credit: Thompson Rivers via photopin cc