Why We Lack Confidence as Leaders

Leaders realize the power of confidence to inspire and motivate others. We know what it feels like when we have a clear vision and an executable plan. It was that vision and plan (and our confidence in our own abilities) that made us want to be a leader in the first place.

Even so, many leaders secretly suffer from a lack of confidence. Here are four key reasons why:

We feel we lack knowledge

In the heat of the moment, we may not realize that what is driving our fears is a lack of information. Sometimes our fears unconsciously keep us from seeking out new perspectives. But learning new things–even if they are a little scary at first–will help us address the future with a clear vision.

We lack of mentorship and/or coaching

All successful athletes surround themselves with coaches and mentors that give them honest feedback, encourage them in adversity, and offer experienced advice. And yet many of us feel lonely, isolated and disconnected “at the top.” Develop a plan for finding mentors or coaches who can take you to the next level.

We aren’t doing what we do best

When we are in our wheelhouse, we are confident, bold, decisive, and our energy is infectious. However, we can easily find ourselves buried in work that simply isn’t our expertise. The best leaders know their weaknesses and surround themselves with experts in those areas.

We don’t want to be arrogant

Confidence is often confused with arrogance. But remember that they are actually opposites.  Confidence is about reality checks, self-awareness, honesty, and inspiring others. Arrogance is driven by avoidance of facts, self-delusion, fear of the future, and blaming others.

How would you rate your confidence today on a scale of 1 to 10? It may be time to gain some knowledge you don’t have, seek out a mentor, or bring in an expert. Remember to give yourself permission to be confident, when your decisions are supported by evidence, your intentions are honest, and you are aiming for the good of everyone.

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