Job Seekers: Key Tips to Having a Successful Interview (Part II)

job interview in progress

In our last post, we started talking about the best approach to having a successful interview.

As we mentioned, there are plenty of tips out there when it comes to having a successful interview. And sometimes, sifting through all of them for the best ones can leave job seekers frustrated.

As such, we thought we would go ahead and help you sift through the tips in order to find ones that really help you land the job. On Tuesday, we gave you two. To round off that list, here are a few more. Take a look below:

  • Use specifics. Perhaps one of the most important tips that we think you should keep in mind is that you always need to use specifics when talking about your skills and experiences. That way, when it comes to referencing your resume, you are giving your interviewer a better idea of how you’ve executed those skills and characteristics in the past. This will hopefully show them how you can do the same or better in the job you are applying for.
  • Always relate back to them. No matter what you are talking about, you always need to keep in mind that what you say has to relate to the employer and/or position that you are applying for. Doing this can really make an impact on interview. Whether it has to do with your skills, work ethic, or specific examples, always relating answers back to the position and company will help to solidify why the interviewer should know that you are right for the job. 
  • Know where you stand. To end the interview on a high note, you need to make sure you know where you stand with your interviewer. While it may not always be clear that you’ve gotten the job, we think it is a good idea to close the interview with confidence and let your interviewer know how interested you are in the job and why you think you are right candidate. Doing so can leave a positive impression as well as possibly give you a better idea of where you stand with the interviewer. You never know—they might give you a good hint that you happen to be one of their top picks.

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photo credit: Gangplank HQ via photopin cc