IT Arsenal: Essential Knowledge for Web Developers and Programmers


In the rapidly evolving world of IT and web development, web developers remain at the top of the list for the most in-demand IT workers. Computerworld’s 2014 and 2015 Forecast surveys reveal Programming/application development positions in first place as the most essential hires for 2014 and 2015.

Being a valued web developer/programmer involves far more than knowing programming languages.To remain a valuable web developer, there must be constant pursuits towards continued learning. Through the use of online forums, research, and hands-on experimentation, web developers and programmers must keep up to date with all of the newest web development trends and consistently improve upon their skills.

In an effort to compile a list of essentials for web developers/programmers, we sat down with Jordan Johns, Configuration Management Engineer and Lead Production Developer at OptCTS Inc. With his help, we compiled this list of 4 essentials:


Source Control

Teamwork plays a large role in all things web development. Therefore, it is essential to all web development teams to have a good source control method. Source control is used to manage multiple programmer’s changes to a single block of code and prevents the deletion of important coding alterations. Examples include GIT or Team Foundation Server. Source control systems also provide backups for your code. Windows and Linux can use NAS and SAN systems for major disk backups.



It is vital for web developers to have a substantial understanding of web design and how web designers work. Intimate knowledge of CSS (Cascading Stylesheets) and javascript libraries such as Bootstrap and Coffeescript add a valuable dimension to web development and computer programming.


Mobile Web

Developers MUST consider mobile access to their websites. To ensure responsivity, websites must be designed in fluid layouts (also known as liquid layouts). Fluid designs are laid out proportionally to ensure that all elements maintain position despite screensize just as liquid moves and resituates to fill the space of the container it occupies.


Application Development

Find an IDE (Integrated Development Environment or Interactive Development Environment) that fits for you like Aptana studio, NetBeans, or Visual Studio. An IDE is a software application that includes a source code editor as well as tools for coding automation and debugging.


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