Interview Horror Stories

Your collar is sweaty, your palms are clammy, and your mind is racing. Everything comes down to this moment. You had kept your phone unhealthily close to you at all times just waiting for the call. Finally, just when you had lost hope, your phone rang. And, the kind mannered woman on the other end of the line said those words you’d been waiting for a week to hear “We have reviewed your resume and we would like to have you in for an interview.” Your nerves jump with excitement as you accept the opportunity that could make or break the perfect career jump. With jumbled emotions, you spend the time leading up to your interview thinking of nothing else. You need to dress the part, act the part, know your stuff.

It’s the day of the interview. You leave your house 45 minutes earlier than necessary to ensure that you will be early and prepared…


It’s so easy to let things slip your mind when your emotions are balled up in a fist of fury. That’s when things begin to slip steadily downhill into a whirlwind of events amusing to others and devastating to yourself. But, don’t feel bad. Here are some amusing tales that didn’t happen to you, but easily could have.


  • “I drank way too much coffee before the interviews. To make matters worse, my interviewers kept offering me soda, coffee, and water. To be polite, I accepted. I had to pee so bad that I nearly had an accident. By the end of the interview, I was sweating and wiggling in my chair. I can’t even remember how I answered the interview questions.”


  • “I mispronounced the company name numerous times throughout the interview. They didn’t correct me until the very end, right when I was giving an impassioned speech about how much I wanted to work there. How embarrassing!”


  • “It seemed like the interview panel was laughing at me. Later I realized the price tag was still hanging off my brand new suit.”


  • “I felt super nauseous before the interview but tried to push through. It didn’t end well.”


  • “I had applied for multiple jobs at the same company. During the interview, I got confused about which position I was supposed to be talking about. I tried to explain but probably just looked desperate and disorganized.”


  • “My fly was down the whole time. No wonder the interviewer kept looking away.”


  • “My phone rang mid-interview. I had known that my son was not feeling well and had to take the call in case something was seriously wrong. Upon returning, I was immediately dismissed from the interview.”

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