How to Successfully Re-hire Former Employees

interviewLast week, we gave you a brief introduction to boomerang employees, breaking it down by weighing the pros and cons of what you may run into.

As we mentioned, re-hiring employees can have its up and downs. As such, it is ultimately up to you to make an educated decision as to whether or not you’d like to go that route.

If you do decide to re-hire a former employee and want to do so successfully, then here are a few tips you should consider. Take a look below:

Conduct an interview. Sure, you already have a pretty good idea about your former employee’s character and credentials, but it never hurts to conduct an interview. A lot can change from the time that they’ve left to the time you’ve gotten back with them, such as experience, outlook, etc. That being said, if the employee has been gone for less than six months, then it’s probably okay to keep the interview short and sweet, but we do think the interview process is still important. It is a great opportunity to not only get reacquainted with your employee, but also go over some of their reasoning behind the decision to leave in the first place—ensuring that you can hopefully work things out with them this time around.

Talk to your other employees. It doesn’t hurt to get a few opinions from your boomerang employee’s co-workers. Sure, their opinions don’t have to be your final assessment on the matter, but at least keeping what they have to say in mind can help you figure out whether or not you are making the right decision, especially if they have any objections to the matter.

Don’t be afraid to re-train. It may seem “like riding a bike” to your boomerang employee, but depending on how long they’ve been gone, you may want to consider re-training them, or at least sitting down with them and outlining the wants and needs of the company to ensure that they are on the same page. Doing so can help guarantee that there aren’t any discrepancies or possibly bad habits that they’ve picked up since they’ve left the company, which will certainly make things much easier on you and prevent any problems from occurring.

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