How to put passion into your career

man walking on a dirt roadNo doubt you’ve heard the saying, “Choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” We hear these words all the time—but how many people actually live by them?

For better or worse, many people choose jobs they don’t necessarily love because the benefits and pay are just too good to pass up. But that doesn’t mean you should just throw in the towel and think that working a job you don’t love is just an inevitable fact of life.

There are several roads you can take to finding and putting passion into whatever career you choose, and here are just a few. Take a look below:

Find out what it is that you love. First things first, figure out what your true passion is. There are plenty of things that you love. What are you truly passionate about? Knowing this will help open doors for you. It should also help you realize who you want to be, where you want to work, and who you want to work for.

You can have more than one passion (but not enough time for them all). That leads us to our next point. You can have more than one passion, but in order to be effective, you need to concentrate on one. You can still enjoy doing the other things you love and in some cases you can even mix one or two. Just remember, you need to commit if you really want to succeed at having a career that includes what you are truly passionate about.

Slow and steady wins the race. So you decided to take a job that pays well over the one that you truly love, which means there is no turning back, right? Wrong. There is no one way to get from point A to point B. If that means working several jobs/careers before finally getting to the one you love then so be it. As long as you are making a conscious effort to move forward, then you are in a good place.

Keep your goal in mind. With that in mind, remember how important it is to keep your goals in the back of your head. Of course you always want to make sure you are concentrating on the present, but always keep your future goals in mind, as well. That will help direct you towards the path you want. 

Find passion in the little things. Try to find passion in the little things. Figure out what it is that you enjoy about your current job so you don’t burn out. Make baby steps towards realizing your passion, whether that means a part-time gig on the side, working on it as a “hobby,” or simply just thinking about plans for the future.

Make the plunge. Last but not least: make the plunge! You may never know if the timing is one hundred percent right, but that’s okay. No matter what, there will always be a risk you have to account for and that’s just part of doing what you love.

Even if you’re not at a job you “love,” you can still put effort towards making it fun and enjoyable. What we’ve listed here are only a few of many ways to put true passion into your career.

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