How to Enjoy the Holiday Season (And Let Your Employees Enjoy it Too)

Holiday-TreeThe end of the year can be pretty stressful, both in and out of the office. With so many things to balance it can be hard to actually take the time to enjoy the holidays, which can definitely have a negative impact on not only yourself but also those around you.

As a boss, this can lead to a lot of problems, since it most certainly puts a strain on your relationship with your employees, making you come off like a scrooge-–something we doubt you want to be known as.

Don’t worry though—there are plenty of ways you can get over the holiday ba humbug. And today, we are going to talk about just that. Take a look below:

Wrap up the big projects. One of the reasons that the end of the year is so stressful is because of the big projects we have to wrap up before the start of the New Year. As the boss, it is important to use your judgment when it comes to deciding whether or not it is feasible to actually complete a project before the end of the year.

Don’t put your employees or yourself through the stress of finishing (or starting) a project when you know that is impossible to complete it before your deadline. This will definitely put a damper on the holidays and really make your employees think of you as a scrooge.

Be thankful. Though it seems simple enough, it is a mindset that we rarely get ourselves into. Take the time to be thankful for all of the great things your employees have done throughout the year. Most importantly, you need to let them know how thankful you are. Whether that means a holiday bonus, an awesome holiday party, or even just a simple “thanks”, making some sort of gesture that you care is an important part of letting your employees know that they matter to you.

Give them a break. Just like you, most of your employees are probably ready to go home and spend the holidays with their family. Perhaps consider letting them get a half-day on Christmas Eve/New Years Eve or maybe even the whole day off. We all know productivity can be low during the holidays, so rather than force them to work their way through the day, this can be your way of saying thanks, as well as saving you the trouble of having to keep your employees in check.

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