A Guide to AIM Careerlink’s 2013 Blog Posts (Part I)

Hello, readers! We wanted to take a moment today to thank you all for reading our blog and for ringing in the New Year with us!

For many, the New Year signifies a fresh start–a time for new and exciting ideas and looking towards the future. But, as we mentioned yesterday, that doesn’t mean you should sweep everything you’ve done this past year under the rug.

So today, we thought we would highlight some of our posts over this past year and organize them to make it easier for our readers, just in case they’d like to go back and take a look at some of the great tips we gave in 2013. Take a look below:

AIM’S Essential Recruiting Tools

What is AIM Careerlink?

Job Seekers: Why AIM Careerlink?

AIM Careerlink Upgrade Packages: Branding Package

Careerlink Video: Using Video to Boost Recruiting

Managing Your Recruiting Tools: 5 Ways to Make Recruiting a Success

AIM Calendar Update: 3 Must-See AIM Events

Best Online Resources

10 Must-See Infographics for Employers Seeking Talent

The 9 Best Online Resources for Job Seekers

The Top 20 Online Recruiting Resources for Employers

The 8 Best Online Resources for Older Job Seekers

The 5 Best Online Resources for Job-Seeking Veterans

The Candidate Experience

4 Ways to Make a Good Impression on a Candidate

Why a Good Candidate Experience is Important

Passive Candidates Are on the Rise: Here’s How to Recruit Them

Company Cultural Fit

Cultural Fit: Are You Doing It Right?

When to Reassess Your Company Culture (And How to Change It): Part I

When to Reassess Your Company Culture (And How to Change It): Part II

Is Your Company Guilty of a Workplace Culture of Fear? Here Are 3 Ways to Know

4 Ways to Work Towards a Transparent Work Environment

4 Reasons Why a Transparent Work Environment is Essential

Employer Branding/Employee Satisfaction

Employer Branding 101

Employee Recognition: Why You Should Praise Your Employees More Often

How to Motivate Your Employees (Hint: Make It Personal)

Emotion Beyond Leadership: Caring in the Workplace

3 Ways to Help Your Employees Understand the Big Picture

Why Your Corporate Mission Should Read Loud and Clear

Re-Recruiting: Putting Your Ideas Into Action

Re-Recruiting: A 6-Step Process

6 Reasons Why Re-Recruiting Is a Good Idea

3 Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer (and Positive Employer Branding) via Social Media

Are You or Your Employees Experiencing Holiday Job Fatigue?

Check back tomorrow for the rest of our guide where we’ll give you the HR/recruiting essentials, interview tips, social media tips and more.

In the mean time, are there any posts of ours that you really enjoyed from 2013? Let us know by connecting with us on Facebook or Twitter!