A Guide to AIM Careerlink’s 2013 Blog Posts (Part II)

Yesterday, we kicked off 2014 with a nice little guide to our 2013 blog posts in hopes of making it much easier for you to look back on any of our tips.

As promised, today, we’re going finish the rest of our guide. Without further adieu, here are the rest of our categorized AIM Careerlink posts:

HR/Recruiting Essentials

A Better HR: Part I

A Better HR: Part II

Is Automated HR In Our Near Future? (Part I)

Is Automated HR In Our Near Future? (Part II)

Making Recruiting a Success: Why You Are the Most Important Factor

3 Easy Ways to Use Your Website for Recruiting

4 Ways to Make Your Online Recruiting More Effective

4 Tips for Effective Email Recruiting

3 Things You Need to Know About Mobile Recruiting

How to Write an Effective Job Posting

4 Common Recruiting Mistakes (and Why You Should Avoid Them)

What Employers Need to Know About Age Discrimination

Making the Most of a Career Fair (for Employers)

The Rise of Gamification

Employee Referrals (Part I: The Pros)

Employee Referrals (Part II: The Cons, and Some Solutions)

The Dos and Don’ts of Employee Surveys

4 Tips on How Not to Scrooge Your Holiday Work Party

3 HR Trends from 2013 That You Should Take With You Into 2014

4 New Years Resolution Ideas for HR


Are You Using Case Studies In Interviews? If Not, You Should Be

The Rise In the Number of Interviews In the Hiring Process

Interviewers: Are You Asking Wrong or Potentially Illegal Interview Questions? (Part I)

Interviewers: Are You Asking Wrong or Potentially Illegal Interview Questions? (Part II)

6 Basic Interview Dos and Don’ts for Recruiters

3 Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself In an Interview


4 Things Employees Want from Their Jobs and Leaders

Looking Beyond HR Trends to Make Recruiting a Success

Hey, You–Put Some Feeling Into Your Leadership!

Calling All Team Leaders: Helping Your Employees Fight Holiday Job Fatigue

How Did You Stack Up as a Leader in 2013?

Looking Back on 2013 (and Moving Forward)

Overcoming Stereotypes for Better Recruiting

Recruiting Millennials: Overcoming Stereotypes

Looking Beyond Experience: Is Past Experience the Best Indicator of Future Success?

Tattoos In the Workplace?

What About Hiring Older Job Seekers?

2 Stereotypes About Hiring Veterans (and How to Overcome Them)

Social Media Recruiting 

Using Social Media to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Job Posting

Are You Using Social Media Correctly When Screening Applicants? Maybe Not

Navigating Your Way Through Social Media Marketing Trends

4 Social Media Blunders Your Company Can Learn From

4 Tips on Using Pinterest for Your Business

Pinterest for Your Business? Some Facts Behind the Hype

4 Companies with a Great Employer Brand Thanks to Social Media


4 Hashtag Hijacks (and What We Can Learn from Them)

3 Simple Tips for Engaging Your Followers on Twitter

3 Things We Can Learn from JPMorgan Chase’s Twitter Fiasco


Will a Decline in Facebook Users Change Social Media Recruiting?

Will Facebook Video Ads Help Businesses, or Cause Them Trouble?

Where Will Facebook Stand in 2014?

Are You Aware of Facebook’s Policies for Business Pages?

Well, that officially wraps up 2013! Thanks again to our readers for all of your support –we’re glad to have you and hope you stick around for a great new year!