College Access Program

Abraham Lincoln High School | Council Bluffs, IA

Thomas Jefferson High School | Council Bluffs, IA

AIM is dedicated to helping kids attend college and achieve educational success. The College Access Program (CAP) is just one of many vehicles we use in order to accomplish this goal. CAP is a grant program funded by the Iowa West Foundation that was awarded to the AIM Institute to help student attain a bright future. The goal of this program is to provide resources to students, parents/guardians and teachers to help underserved youth in the Council Bluffs community successfully graduate from high school and college.

What does the College Access Program offer?

CAP provides resources, college-readiness activities, financial aid assistance, guidance and mentoring for students (and parents) to succeed in school and prepare them for college. It is a free program for which students must formally apply. At the end of the program, all students who successfully complete all expectations are eligible for a $1,000 scholarship to the school of their choice. Throughout high school, CAP students will participate in a variety of valuable future-oriented activities, including:
  • Homework assistance (College Prep Hour)
  • Academic advisement
  • ACT preparation
  • Teacher mentoring
  • College campus tours
  • Leadership seminars
  • Summer academies
  • Speakers
  • Career exploration/job shadows
  • Financial aid workshops

Who is eligible?

The College Access Program is geared towards motivated students who have demonstrated the potential to improve their high school performance and become the first in their families to graduate college. Students are selected to become part of the cohort who will participate in CAP throughout their high school careers. This timing helps ensure that these students will make a successful transition into high school and begin taking the sequence of classes needed to meet college admissions requirements. CAP is available to students attending Thomas Jefferson or Abraham Lincoln high schools in Council Bluffs, particularly those who are from low income families with neither parent having graduated from a four-year college program of study. In order to be considered for acceptance into the program, senior students must complete an application form which includes references from teachers and counselors.


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