Are you a good fit for the position?

Deciding if a position is going to be a good fit for you is a difficult task. A good fit goes beyond basic roles and responsibilities, and there is a lot to consider when answering this question.

This week we’ve come up with four basic questions to ask yourself before accepting a position.


  1. Are you a good fit for the work?

Analyze your past work experience and know your talents. Reflect on the big projects you’ve worked on that have led to this point in your career. How similar is this position to other positions you’ve had? Understanding your past work experience is very important to figuring out if you’ll thrive at the position you are applying for.


  1. Are you a good fit for the organization?

What size of a company have you most enjoyed working for? What values do you hold closely that you want to reflect in your next position? What are your “deal breakers” when it comes to work environment? Research the organization’s mission and figure out if it aligns to your personality and values. Knowing what kind of organization you want to work for is key to finding meaningful work.


  1. Are you a good fit for the manager?

What were the best qualities your previous managers had? What were the worst? A good relationship with your manager is key to your success. A good manager will want to see you succeed and will do everything they can to help you.

If you’re one of the final candidates, try setting up a time to grab coffee with the hiring manager so you can really get to know them. Most importantly, ask questions. You can ask what their big goals are for the organization or what the company’s culture is like. Asking questions shows the hiring manager that you are interested in more than just finding a job. It shows that you are serious about finding the next position in your career.


  1. Are you a good fit for the team?

When being interviewed for a position, sometimes it’s a good idea to ask the interviewer if you can meet the team you’ll be working with. We learn and grow with our teammates, so seeing if you can get along with the other members is very important to your success as an employee. This will also help you see what a typical day looks like at the business.

Asking yourself these questions prior to accepting an offer is crucial if you want to find a job that is the right fit. Remember that it’s OK to be picky during your job search. Hiring managers will actually respect you more as an applicant if you know the answers to these key questions because it shows that you really care about the position.


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