The Good Boss: The Many Dimensions of Being a Great Leader (Part II)


On Tuesday we gave you an introduction to some of the characteristics that employees look for in a good boss. As we mentioned, being a great leader has many different facets. And as such, it can be hard sometimes figuring out how to juggle all of them in order to be a well-rounded boss.

To round off our list, here are just a few more dimensions we think every good boss should encompass. Take a look below.

An organizerAs a team leader, it is up to you to manage the daily schedule of each and every one of your employees, and that requires a lot of planning and timing on your end. Being an organizer not only for your team’s schedule, but also for your own is an essential element to what it means to be a good boss. When things start getting out of order on your end, you’ll most likely see things slipping up on your employees’ end as well, so it’s important that you stay organized.

A quick thinkerA great leader must also think on their feet. No matter how organized we are mishaps and mistakes that are beyond our control are bound to happen. Being able to come in and calmly remedy those situations is an indispensable asset to being a good boss. Not only does it make the lives of your employees much easier, it makes your life easier as well.

A humble personFinally, no matter how great you are, a leader is also able to know their shortcomings, and also be aware that there are others who are better. Everyone makes mistakes, and having the ability to accept those mistakes and know when you are wrong is an important part of moving forward and fixing them. On top of that, knowing that there are others out there who are much better than you helps to strengthen your drive and desire to improve.

From an employee’s perspective, it can also alleviate any fear that they can’t go to you. When you are a humble leader, your employees will see that you are human and just as susceptible to failure as they are. So when they are have a problem they are able to turn to you, ensuring that the situation gets fixed before it gets worse.

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photo credit: Nina Matthews Photography via photopin cc