Getting to Know Omaha Code School’s Highlander Program


Kids, executives, journalists, entrepreneurs, lawyers, the AIM Exchange building is one eclectic place! There is so much going on at AIM every day it can be hectic at times, but it is also a place where creativity is illuminated and Dr. Kandace Miller, CEO & President of AIM, couldn’t be more excited.

“I was leading a group to our board meeting when we ran into a hallway full of kids collaborating on their code projects. It was funny to see these executives in suits stepping over multiple youngsters to get to our conference room. I am so happy that our building is being used for these innovative activities that benefit our community in so many ways!”

One of the many projects currently in the AIM Exchange building is Omaha Code School’s Highlander program. New this year, Highlander is a free 8-week summer camp that is dedicated to teaching the basics of web development to North Omaha high school students aging from incoming freshmen to graduating seniors.

During the camp, the students learned basic HTML, CSS, responsive design, jQuery and basic WordPress. One of their biggest projects was putting together an interactive website. For this project, the high schoolers came up with everything from sites explaining Greek mythology to astrophysics. Check out the sites that the students came up with here!

Besides web development, a big part of Highlander is pushing the students to get to know themselves and their community. The program offers some awesome perks during the camp including meditation, yoga and field trips to local startups and businesses.

“At Highlander, we strive to create a community with the students. We want them to feel supported and comfortable by asking questions and growing together. We want to show them new possibilities for their future as well as the strong, welcoming business community right here in their backyard,” said Abby Jones, Instructor at Highlander.

The Highlander program also has a ton of community support behind them. With sponsors like Hudl and Nelnet, the students are able to hear from a wide range of speakers as they start thinking about life after high school.

Omaha Code School’s Highlander program is just one of the many projects that help bring technology to the Omaha community and we are so excited to have them in our building!


Do you know any students who are interested in learning how to code? Read about AIM’s youth programs here!



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