Gender Diversity: IT Women are Walking…

We previously released a blog on Women in IT, stressing the need for women in IT and equal pay between genders. In a field traditionally viewed as male-driven, women struggle to find their place and, according to a recent article by LA Times, many are leaving the IT field. These falling retention rates pose a sincere concern for schools and organizations focused on filling the IT pipeline. After all, what good does it do to pour more into the top if they only come pouring out the bottom?

AIM Careerlink is focused on building the IT pipeline and supports the initiative to promote and retain women in IT. Previous research by Dr. Levi Thiele, Director of Research here at AIM, explores the necessity of women in IT. Diversity in IT is essential for various reasons. Not only does diversity enhance innovation and productivity but it encourages change. Thiele asserts that “ With the demand for IT talent outstripping supply, we cannot afford to leave half of the population untapped.” To read more, click here.

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