Gearing Up for January Job Seeking

Levi Thiele

The big months for hiring are January and February, when employers are getting back to work after the holidays and are ready to fill positions. For job seekers, it’s a good idea to start applying sooner rather than later. Job seekers who apply in early January or even December may have the best chance of getting hired. With so many job seekers taking a break from the job hunt during the holidays, the competition for open jobs has lessened. December is also a great time to prep: work on your resume, your Careerlink job seeker settings, and even your social media profiles. The holidays can provide a great opportunity for networking. For help with your job search, check out More employers post their jobs on Careerlink than anywhere else in the region. The Careerlink Career Center offers resume writing tips, interviewing techniques, and other helpful job search tools. Careerlink also allows you to save multiple versions of your resume and cover letter. Visit to learn how these exciting benefits can help you gear up for your January job search.