Feedback over failure

We’ve all been in a situation where we were offered feedback on our work. While it’s easy to get uptight and automatically think you failed at something, it’s much more beneficial to hear the person out and take actionable steps to improve your work.

Feedback helps increase the value of our work. We’ll never improve ourselves personally or professionally if we are not open to feedback. This week we encourage you to change your perception of feedback and look at it as an opportunity, rather than a failure.

One very easy way to receive valuable feedback is by simply asking a few questions. To help you get started, we’ve provided three easy questions to ask a trusted coworker or manager.


What would you like me to start?

What would you like me to stop?

What would you like me to continue?

These three questions will help open up a very approachable dialogue with anyone you trust for honest feedback.

Remember that this is not a one time type of dialogue. Valuable feedback comes from repeatedly checking in over time. Also remember that you are setting an expectation when you ask for feedback, so it’s very important to make sure you listen and take actionable steps.

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  1. J Temple

    I do not look at feedback as a failure. I look at the as a means of providing necessary real life information to adequately reflect a given situation. I understand that not all people experience a perfect situation on the job, but what I have come to understand that when a person provides feedback others do not like the accurate information and then they begin to change a persons thinking of just get along and everything will be alright.

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