Facebook’s Presence in the Social Media Universe Is Expanding

iPhoneIn the last year or so, Facebook has seen quite a few ups and downs. As of recent, the competition has been quite stiff, with brand new platforms such as Pinterest and Snapchat popping up and taking hold of the mobile user market and younger generations.

As such, this has led many people to wonder whether the social media giant has gone well past its prime. But, as we’ve seen in the past, Facebook’s reluctance to not go down without a fight is pretty strong.

Throughout this last year the team has done vast improvements to Facebook’s mobile application –some successful and others not so successful – improved the user interface, its algorithm, as well as acquire quite a number of different tech and social media startups into its social media kingdom.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, it looks like Facebook is at it again. Here are just a couple of new updates you should be looking for:

Facebook at Work

Though this one has been running around the rumor mill for quite a while now, Facebook at Work has finally been given an official release in the Android and Apple apps stores as of yesterday. Now Facebook has created a social media platform specifically tailored for businesses. The new platform allows businesses to create their own social network that will allow employees to interact with one another. Essentially, the platform looks and acts exactly like Facebook, but rather than connect with your family and friends on the platform, you are networking with your co-workers.

As far as advancements in social media, this is pretty cool. It is just a matter of whether or not companies are willing to let their employees “use Facebook” during work or if employees would actually go out of the way to use the app instead of their own account, since they’re probably already connecting with their co-workers anyways.

As of now, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Facebook Video Player

Facebook is also making improvements in its video department; working on a better native video player that they hope will be able to take over the spot of the highly formidable YouTube. According to the research, YouTube has been losing its popularity in the world of Facebook, with fewer YouTube videos being posted on the social media platform. In turn, it looks as if Facebook’s native video player could actually become the go-to video platform, which will only further strengthen and tighten up Facebook’s hold in the social media universe.

So, it looks as if Facebook is here to stay, and the chances of any company trying to take over the social media behemoth’s place won’t happen anytime soon. But, as always, we think it is important for companies to check in every once in a while on how these platforms are doing, especially if they are a part of your recruiting/hiring arsenal.

photo credit: AshtonPal via photopin cc

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