Exploring In-Demand Skills from Job Postings Metadata

Dr. Levi Thiele, Director of Research


The technological job skill needs of business and industry are continually evolving, which presents a challenge to educators and students attempting to focus on the right skills to meet these changing needs. If colleges want to attract more students and place them in jobs, there must be better alignment between program offerings and local labor market needs. One strategy to monitor current skill requirements in the workforce is to analyze employers’ job postings. Educators can use this data in the form of an evolving list of skills to focus training and curricula.


AIM’s recent research analyzed Careerlink job postings from July 1, 2012, to July 1, 2013, to determine the top IT job skills in-demand, which are shown in the figure below. The top 10 IT skills in demand were .NET, Microsoft SQL Server, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Oracle, Visual Basic, Network Infrastructure, LAN/WAN, and Network Security. The full research report also includes analysis on how IT job trends can vary by factors such as industry type and company size. More AIM research studies are available here.