Employees: How to Deal with a Difficult Boss (Part I)

two people talking stern faced

At some point in just about everyone’s career, we have to deal with a difficult person. And in the past, we’ve given you some tips on dealing with difficult clients as well as difficult co-workers.

But what about when it comes to dealing with a difficult boss?

That can end up being a whole different story. Unlike a client or peer, working with a difficult boss takes walking a fine line between letting problems slide, and leveling with them about their shortcomings–a situation no one wants to be in.

To help you avoid these kinds of situations, we are going to talk about different ways to help you deal with difficult bosses. For today, we’ll talk about a few kinds of bosses who often present us with trouble. Take a look below:

  • The emotional boss. These bosses usually finds themselves on a roller-coaster ride, and unfortunately, they end up making you join along. This could be a boss who gets extremely sad then angry and likes to have a few screaming matches, or one who is joking one minute and becomes stern the next. As a result, you might not know exactly where you stand with them. The worst part is that unlike clients or co-workers, you can’t really ignore your boss, since they are overseeing your work.
  • The condescending boss. These bosses are notoriously hard to please and they’ll most likely spend more time critiquing your work than giving you positive feedback. In turn, you’ll probably find yourself running in a few unnecessary circles, which can really damage productivity and efficiency. 
  • The stubborn boss. These bosses usually abide by the “my way or the highway” mantra. In turn, it can be really hard for you to give any input, which can really put a damper on innovation.
  • The very hands-off boss. The hands-off boss can be kind of strange. While it is great that they give you the freedom to work as you please, the unfortunate downfall is that when you need direction, they aren’t there to give it to you. In turn, the risk of screwing up on big projects is greater, when it could’ve been easily avoided with a little guidance.

Have you ever run across a boss like this? Let us know by connecting with us on Facebook or Twitter, and check back with us on Tuesday when we give you tips on how to handle the many different bosses we mentioned above.

photo credit: UnitedSoybeanBoard via photopin cc