Employees: How to Deal with a Difficult Boss (Part II)

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On Tuesday, we started talking about bosses who can be difficult.

As we mentioned, dealing with a difficult boss can be a great challenge. While we’d like to tell them how we feel, we don’t want to overstep our boundaries and get into the face of our higher ups.

But fear not: there are plenty of ways to handle these situations. So, whether it is a boss who lacks direction, gets too emotional, or is just plain intimidating, here are some of our tips on how to deal with them. Take a look below:

  • Keep your cool. First things first, if and when you decide to address a problem with a boss, you need make sure that you keep your cool. Nothing is worse than losing your temper when you are trying to prove that you’ve been treated wrong, so always try to keep yourself in check.
  • Pick your battles. Though it would be nice, not every problem needs to be addressed, especially when it comes to dealing with our bosses. As a general rule, we would suggest taking a moment and considering whether addressing the situation is worth it–especially with emotional or condescending bosses.
  • Consider their point-of-view. Leaders usually have a lot on their plate, and in some cases these things can really stress them out. As such, it is always a good idea to try and take a walk in their shoes when you are addressing their shortcomings. Doing so can help ensure that you get your point across while still being understanding about why they may be stressed and taking things out on you, or not performing their job (as you see it).
  • Keep it private. Leaders also have an image to uphold, so when you approach them it is best to do it in private. Not only is it much more professional to do so, but it will also increase the likelihood that your boss will take your case more seriously.
  • Speak to their higher-up. Though not our first choice, when all else fails, you might want to consider speaking to your boss’ higher up. Sometimes, getting a neutral party can help to ensure that both parties are treated fairly and that things will move along faster and more smoothly.

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photo credit: Nathan Congleton via photopin cc