Empathy as a Dynamic Team Builder

We’ve all worked with someone who seems abrasive or unrelatable. Collaboration is a skill that needs to be honed in order to achieve success. One essential key to collaboration and team building is empathy. The ability to relate to others and work well as a team is vital to business growth and individual success. While many believe that personality traits are innate, it is essential to recognize that certain traits can be enhanced upon with the proper amount of practice. Empathy, the ability to relate to the feelings of others, is one of these traits.


Empathy is one of the primary keys to human interaction and is necessary for a healthy workplace. Empathy, put simply, is the ability to recognize and even experience other people’s feelings and emotions. It is how we relate to others. However, there are people (like narcissists) who are less able to relate to the feelings of others. According to a 2013 article published by Forbes, “Empathy is a business skill that actually grows when practiced and shared.”

Empathy, as a character trait, can enhance employee relations, customer relations, and propel business forward in various ways. Possessing empathy and being able to understand the perspectives of your colleagues and customers enhances leadership skills. Great leaders lead to business success and growth.

Many companies request employees take personality assessments such as the Emergenetics Profile or Meyers Briggs Type Indicator. Results and feedback on your results are provided by a specialist who also provides information on how to collaborate with other personality types. This feedback can prove extremely valuable to some.

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