Embracing New Technologies in the Workplace


In the rapidly evolving world of technology, workplaces are consistently met with technological advancements and changes to simplify and streamline process and execution. But, they aren’t always warmly accepted. Why, you ask?

Studies suggest that technology may eventually replace up to 80% of jobs. So, employees who have been been working with the same legacy systems for many years are seeing their job responsibilities eliminated, and, in some cases, their positions terminated.  Instead of fighting these inevitable changes, embrace new technologies. Those who become expert or “super” users of new technologies in the workplace illustrate an ability to embrace change and are more likely to retain their positions.

In recent years, metro area hospitals saw an elaborate shift when a new computer software shifted medical charting into the hands of the the medical practitioners thus eliminating the need for amped up secretarial services. With so many advancements in automated processes, human relations, administrative assistants, and other task oriented positions are being phased out. Those who were able to retain their jobs were the ones who were able to master the new software solution. Therefore, it is essential to embrace the technological revolution! For more insight, visit Set Your AIM to explore the possibilities!


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