Dos and Don’ts for Successful Video Interviews

Yesterday, we gave you three reasons why you should consider doing video interviews. As we mentioned, video interviews are a great tool to add to your recruiting arsenal because they can be time- and cost-effective, broaden your talent pool, and give your interviewees a more comfortable experience.

But, as with any kind of recruiting tool, video interviewing only works well if you know how to use it efficiently. Today, we’re going to talk about a few things to consider in order to get the most successful video interview you can.

What to look for in a video interview

Video interviews can be hard to get used to for traditionalists because they usually lack the all-important body language cues we tend to look for when interviewing in person.

However, lack of those cues can also be a good thing, since it allows you to concentrate on the content of their answers, as well as the tone of their voice, similar to a phone screening. The beauty of the video interview, though, is that it gives you and your interviewee a chance to see one another when you otherwise wouldn’t–making for a much more personable interview compared to just using the phone. 

What not to look for in a video interview

Don’t worry about the quality of video such as lighting or camera framing. While poor video quality can be a little irritating, you have to remember that you are conducting an interview, not watching a movie.

Another thing you shouldn’t worry about is where the interviewee focuses their eye contact. More often than not, you’ll find that the interviewee will want to look down rather than at the camera. That is because they are looking at themselves in order to see how you perceive them on the other end. We certainly don’t think this is a deal breaker compared to content and quality of their answers, so try your best to not take it into too much consideration in the final judgment.

One thing you can do, as contributor Andrew Gelina of points out, is “mark them down if you see the telltale left-to-right sweeping of the eyes and monotone delivery as they read their answers off a cue card or notepad window.”

For many companies, video interviews can be a wonderful addition to the recruiting arsenal that can help streamline the process of finding top talent. You just need to make sure you are doing it right so that you can spend more time actually hiring top talent, rather than fidgeting around with the process.