Does Your Office Have Good Feng Shui?


People who practice feng shui strategically organize their space and believe that certain arrangements can improve the productivity and energy within a room.

Today we are going to take a look at a few feng shui basics that can improve any office setting. 


Where you should put your desk

Your desk is one of the most important elements in your office. When in the right position, your desk can make you feel in control, organized and ready to take on any task.

Open Spaces Feng Shui suggests that people work best when their desks are in a “command position.” This means your back is against a solid wall and you have a clear view of your surroundings, especially the entrance to your office and any windows.

Speaking of windows, it is bad feng shui to place your desk directly in front of a window. This renders you from seeing what’s going on inside your office. Employees who face a window often feel less focused and out of the loop.

Incorporating elements

Feng shui basics recommend balancing the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water throughout your office. This can increase everything from creativity to organization in your office.

Inc. Magazine suggests that wood can foster creativity and is often utilized in medical offices to promote loyalty. Wood can be represented by itself or with the colors green or brown. A wood element should be in the east corner of your office.

Fire can be represented with the color red or objects like candles or lamps. It can foster passion, excitement and energy and is often utilized in art studios. A fire element should be in the south side of your office.

Earth symbolizes strong relationships and trust. It is usually used in offices that have a lot of contact with money and wealth. Earth can be represented with the colors brown or orange and textures such as clay or brick. An earth element should be close to the center of your office.

Metal symbolizes financial success. It can be represented with the colors silver, gray or gold. Metal should be in the west side of your office.

Water is said to be one of the more important elements, especially for those who do a lot of networking. Many artists and teachers utilize this element to signify communication and concentration. If you don’t have a running fountain in your office, you can still get the water element with the colors blue or black. Water can also be represented with a mirror, fish bowl or glass and should be in the north side of your office.


If these elements are not available to you, Inc. suggests adding art, plants or photography that replicate the elements/colors.


Does your office match up to these feng shui standards? We’d love to hear about how you organize your space on Facebook or Twitter.


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