Creating Brand Ambassadors through Social Media


Social media has swept the nation and there is a huge push to turn employees into brand ambassadors through social media. Research shows that over 50% of employees are using social media at work and less than 5% of them are using it for business purposes alone. Therefore, it absolutely makes sense to capitalize on the time employees are using social media on the clock by turning them into brand ambassadors.

According to a recent article, 2% of employees share company posts on LinkedIn. Yikes! Considering that at least half of employees are using social media at work, this number seems dreadfully low. Imagine the impact that would come from each employee sharing one company post per week!

So how do you engage your employees as social media ambassadors?

  1. Guide them. While social media may be established in your daily (or hourly) repertoire, the same may not be true for everyone. Provide simple requests and instructions that make social media liking and sharing a smooth and quick process. Make sure that these are not policies, but guidelines. Many employers use an approach based primarily on “what not to do” and highlight practices to avoid.

  2. Emphasize personal brand. Avoid hindering your employees by handing out verbatim pitches for them to use. Instead, guide them in crafting messages that reflect their own personal brand. Doing so promotes genuine engagement.

  3. Avoid stepping on morals. Some employees would prefer to keep their personal social media and professional online presence separate. And, you can’t expect them to cross that line if they prefer not to.

  4. Make it fun! There are so many benefits to recognizing employees on company social media. Plus, it makes employees feel like they are part of the bigger picture. Find ways to incorporate employee accomplishments and feel good posts into your social media strategy.

  5. Show appreciation. When you recognize employee efforts, make note of them. Go out of your way to give recognition to those brand ambassadors who really make a difference!

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