Confidence In the Workplace: Why It Matters (and How to Have It)

sitting around a table having a meetingWhen we talk about successful people in the work place, we often think of the go-getters–the ones who take risks and put themselves out there in order to do something great.

For most people, however, it isn’t quite that easy. We’re often afraid of being too assertive, and at the same time may second-guess our ideas when in reality they should be heard by the team.

Confidence is a huge part of being successful at work. Today, we thought we’d go over a few reasons to be confident in the workplace, and also give a few tips on how to do just that. Take a look below:

Why Confidence Matters:

Confidence helps with creativity. Believe it or not, creativity has a lot to do with confidence. We can have a million ideas in our heads, but if we aren’t vocal about them then they aren’t really being put to good use. Taking the risk to speak up about an idea you have, then, is essential.

Along with that, you need to have confidence in yourself when it comes to having your ideas shot down. Accepting that perhaps one idea wasn’t necessarily the greatest while knowing that you have plenty more will only make it easier for you to speak up in the future.

Confidence helps create a dialogue. When you and your co-workers are confident about your thoughts and opinions, it helps to keep the conversation open since none of you are afraid of putting yourselves out there.

Confidence opens doors. Perhaps one of the biggest perks of being confident is that it opens doors for greater opportunities. When you put yourself out there–say, taking on a big project, or presenting an outside-the-box idea–you show your co-workers and bosses that you are willing to do more and more, which means they’ll likely think of you when it comes time to taking on new ventures.

How to Be More Confident:

Be assertive, but not aggressive. As we mentioned earlier, being confident has a lot to do with balance. While you want to be assertive with your ideas and make sure your voice is heard, you don’t want to be overly aggressive and bully others into thinking your ideas are great.

Some ideas require more convincing than others, but if you are going through a lot of trouble and making enemies in the process, then you may want to rethink your approach. It is always a good idea to think to yourself, “How would I want that idea presented to me?” Never do to others what you wouldn’t want done to yourself.

Be humble. Confidence is also about being humble. Just like you don’t want to be overly aggressive with your ideas, you don’t want to be stubborn, either. When an idea is shot down, take a moment to step back and think about why they didn’t like the idea.

Perhaps it was bad delivery. Perhaps your idea needs a little tweaking, or perhaps it is just a weak idea. Either way, never take this personally. Instead, think about how you can improve on your idea for the next time. In the end this will help build your confidence exponentially.

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