Climbing the Ladder to Management

Frequently, organizations promote from within before advertising for external candidates. In order to be at the top of that list, employees must be seen as a valuable asset to the organization. Whether the move is from sales representative to manager or manager to director, here are a few helpful ways to pave the way up the corporate ladder.


Stay Visible– Don’t be afraid to speak up and take initiative on projects that you know you can own. Stepping up to the plate can push you to the spotlight for management opportunities. Avoid being a wallflower. Providing input when the opportunity presents itself can show that you are a devoted member of the team.

Seek Mentorship– Ask advice from successful people in your company or industry about how to grow within your position. This shows incentive and devotion to the company. Listen and reflect on the advice of mentors then store that advice for later use.

Be a Problem Solver– Take initiative to solve problems as they present themselves. If you think of a fix for a problem within your organization, thoroughly brainstorm and strategize a solution. Innovation and implementation are essential in today’s marketplace. If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

Be a Mentor– Earlier we advised you to seek out mentors. However, it is also important to become a mentor to peers who may benefit from your expertise. By listening to other’s needs and offering advice where it is appreciated, you can help pave the way toward an internal upward climb.

Show Initiative– Nothing shows incentive more than taking the reigns. Take on additional responsibility as a way to prove that you are ready to move to the next level.

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