Circumvent a “Bad” Interviewer

shutterstock_81091837You have spent the past 24 hours anxious for the interview that could pave the way to your future successes. But what happens when you encounter a bad interviewer? What should you do? Well, that is up to you. Here are some tactics to circumvent seemingly “bad” interviewers.

The Talker- If an interviewer dominates the conversation to the extent that it is tough for you to get a word in, don’t hesitate to jump in. Either the interviewer is inexperienced or using this as a method of weeding out passive candidates. Jump in there and show that you know your stuff.

The Inexperienced Interviewer- Above we mentioned that an inexperienced interviewer may talk too much. But, it’s also important to recognize other signs that your interviewer lacks experience. If you notice that the interviewer seems to not have read your resume, be very concrete in your responses, citing your resume as much as possible.

The Aggressively Silent Interviewer- If you are applying to a role that calls on your communication skills, be expected to hold up your end of the interview communications. But, what do you do if your interviewer is staunchly silent? Remember that an interview goes both ways. Interview your interviewer. By asking questions, you will learn more about the company and position for which you applied.

The Distracted Interviewer- It can be absolutely insulting and annoying to have an interviewer texting, emailing, or otherwise preoccupied during your interview. Remember to stay calm and, while it may seem rude, feel free to politely ask if they would like to reschedule. Based on their response, you can move forward as necessary.

Keep in mind that interviews are a two-way street. While you may be the more anxious party, interviews are an opportunity for you to learn more about the company while they learn more about you. Asking questions shows intrigue and interest while awarding you incite into your potential workplace.

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