Are Career Fairs Obsolete? Obsoletely, NOT!

When the recession started in the early 2000s, career fairs became an increasingly popular recruiting tool among employers because they were able to meet and select the best applicants out of the hundreds to thousands of job seekers in attendance.

Because of advanced capabilities of online recruitment tools, like AIM Career Link, some may believe career fairs are old-fashioned. Conversely, experts agree that career fairs are alive and well. Career fairs continue to play an important role in the recruiting process by providing opportunities for job seekers to check out a variety of companies and for employers to connect with several candidates, face-to-face, without the bother of scheduling interviews (Forbes). Ryan Kahn, author of Hired! The Guide for the Recent Grad, agrees that career fairs are still relevant, but, he always advises candidates against relying solely on them.

Career fairs are indeed beneficial since a large number of employers are gathered in one location to showcase their organization and offer a platform to meet prospective job seekers; however, with nearly 7% unemployment there is increased competition in the marketplace for open positions and career fairs alone are not enough to get a candidate hired. This is why AIM’s Career Link Job Fair offers job seekers opportunities to connect with prospective employers and programs designed to provide the knowledge and skills they need to reach their career goals.

The Career Link Job Fair offers more than just exhibitor booths for job seekers to discuss employment opportunities with organizations. The Career Link Job Fair provides networking opportunities, personal development via training seminars, and information on how to develop an online profile. Find your next career with Career Link.