Bring Digital or Hard Copy Portfolio to Interview? BOTH


After applying to a handful of graphic and web design careers, you finally receive a call back. That trendy startup downtown is interested in you for a graphic design position that let’s you use your digital and print skills. Excitement turns to panic when you remember your last interview. Showing off your portfolio on that fancy new Ipad app sounded like a great idea until you got into the room and realized their was no Wifi. At that moment, you had kicked yourself for not having your hardback leather portfolio case with you.

Interviewing in 2015 can feel like a tightrope walk. But, don’t fret. Here is some advice on how to circumvent common mishaps in design interviews.

First thing’s first. Take both forms of your portfolio with you. Having a hard copy of your portfolio as well as a simple, straightforward online portfolio that is easy to navigate will not only show that you are exceptionally prepared for the interview but helps circumnavigate any wifi connection or technical issues.

Portfolios should highlight a wide range of your best design work. Review the job description for your desire position to be sure to accentuate all aspects of design expected for the position. A portfolio full of print brochures won’t get you far if you are applying for a position focused on designing for web. Show a wide range of applicable design strategies. If you are at a deficit for examples of work, recreate graphic items and/or documents that intrigue you. Add a bit of flair to accentuate your personality to showcase your perspective and ability.

And, don’t forget to use the resume pointers we provided in last week’s blog, Designing One Epic Resume: What You Need to Know.


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