Online Portfolio

How to Transform your Resume into an Online Portfolio

You don’t have to be a designer to rock an awesome online portfolio. Online portfolios have numerous benefits for every job seeker, especially for those who are looking to network and find job opportunities online.

This week we’ve gathered some ideas to help you turn your resume into a beautiful, interactive display that showcases your work.

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hiring potential vs experience

Hiring for Potential vs Experience

When reviewing candidates to fill job openings, employers are often faced with the dilemma of hiring for potential vs experience. Focusing too much on experience can narrow the talent pool and can cause employers to overlook a candidate’s potential.

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To do list

3 Tips for Developing a Great To-Do List

Previously, we gave you a nice primer on some of the key reasons why you need to work on your to-do list. As we mentioned, most jobs require us to multi-task in one form or another, which is why working on our day-to-day tasks requires a lot of careful planning and organization if want to execute our projects and tasks efficiently and successfully.

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Understanding the big picture

3 Ways to Help Employees Understand the Big Picture

We’ve talked about why a company’s mission should read loud and clear and explained that a well-executed mission impacts employee satisfaction, retention and productivity. So, now let’s explore how mission and communication play into a team’s understanding of the “big picture.”

If leadership focuses too much on long-term goals, they run the risk of boring employees, or even worse, alienating them and making them feel like a cog in the machine–for example, it’s probably best to leave the IPO discussion off the table.

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Interview Dress Code

Decoding the Interview Dress Code


When it comes to job hunting, we’ve all heard the sayings: “dress to impress” and “dress for success.” However, with companies beginning to loosen their dress codes, the classic suit and tie may not be the right choice anymore. Lots of different dress code terms get thrown around without any clear definitions. So, let’s decode the modern interview dress code.

How do you know what is appropriate attire for an interview?

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3 Reasons Why Micromanaging Is a Bad Idea

Bosses, especially new managers, can sometimes mistake being a great leader as being someone who tries to do it all. When a boss tries to do it all, they can end up micromanaging.

Whether you’re the CEO or a team leader, making sure you don’t cross that line is an important to your success as a manager. Being a micromanager can end up causing all kinds of trouble in the workplace.

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Top 20 Recruiting Resources

The Top 20 Online Recruiting Resources for Employers

The good news about finding online recruiting resources is that you have an incredible amount of information at your disposal. The bad news is that sorting through the information can be tough. You want to make sure you have an edge when it comes to hiring, and you also want to make sure that you’re following an effective hiring process.

Here at Careerlink, we are passionate about helping you find just the right talent to fill your organization’s needs. So we’ve scoured the web to find some of the best recruiting tools & resources.

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Part time jobs omaha, ne

Good Paying Part Time Jobs in the Omaha Area

Looking for a seasonal, weekend or an evening job to supplement your income? Careerlink has put together a guide to good paying part-time jobs in the Omaha and Lincoln area.

“Having a part-time job allows for me to live a more comfortable lifestyle and helps me save more for my future,” says Leah Trasher, co-founder of and cocktail server at Mr. Toad’s Pub in Omaha’s Old Market.

Since many people look for part-time work to help pay the bills (or make the holidays merry), making more than the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour is ideal. We’ve gathered a list of part-time jobs in Omaha and Lincoln that don’t require specialized training, offer flexible schedules and pay above minimum wage.

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Get Motivated at Work

What to Do When You’re Feeling Unmotivated at Work

The end-of-summer blues can get the best of us, and we can start feeling unmotivated–especially for those who work in offices where windows are a rare commodity.

Knowing there’s sunshine out there somewhere that you’re not able to enjoy can be a major motivation killer. And we don’t blame you: how can you motivate yourself to get any work done when all you want to do is be outside enjoying the sun?

Twiddling your thumbs until it is time to clock out, though, isn’t going to make your day any better. What can you do instead? You have to find your internal motivation and bring back that positive attitude. See a few tips below for doing just that:

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Promoting Employees Based on Performance

Seniority vs Performance Based Promotion

When it come to promoting employees, you may be weighing seniority vs performance-based promotion. There are many ways to measure if an employee is qualified for a position. Both performance and seniority, as a means of measurement, have their own merits.

“Promoting based solely on seniority is not just an imperfect solution — it’s a terrible solution,” says Jeff Haden of

Let’s look at why performance-based promotions are a better bet for most companies.

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