Who Has the Best Insight on Tech Trends? It May Not Be the Youth

Levi Thiele, Research Director


According to Farhad Manjoo’s recent article in the Wall Street Journal, kids may not be the most reliable predictors of tech trends. Despite a widely accepted cultural belief that young people know “the next big thing,” evidence suggests that kids are often wrong. If you think about well known tech products and services, most were not created or used primarily by people under the age of 25. Things like Google Search, YouTube, iPhones, iPods, Pinterest, and Kindles were not initially targeted to high­school or even college­aged kids. In addition, it is the baby boomer age group that spends the most money on technology, according to Forrester Research’s annual study. Although the youth may not have the best insight on the next big thing, they likely have a big impact on adults’ buying decisions.


What do you think? Are kids the best predictors of tech trends?