Back to School: Networking 101

2015 07 24 STUDIO PC 485


Whether you’re wrapping up a summer job or beginning a search for new employees this fall, one skill will help you excel. Can you guess what it is? That’s right! Understanding the basics of networking!

Today we are going to review our best tips on everything from why to network, how to network and who to network with.

Get your pencils sharpened as we begin our back to school lesson on networking.

Why Network?

Forbes reported that not only are referred candidates more likely to score an interview, they are also 40 percent more likely to be hired than non-referred candidates. Rather than relying on friends and family for referrals, networking is the key to these referred positions.

Not only can networking help you get a job, it extends your current options to opportunities that you may have not thought of otherwise. Networking gives you a chance to explore what is going on outside your workplace.

Check out our full article on Why Networking Matters for Your Career (Part I), here.



How to NetworkHand holding telephone

Now that we know why we should network, how do we go about it? Even if you are an easily-intimidated introvert, these tips make networking easy.

This article explains how quality outweighs quantity when it comes to networking relationships. The article also explains why you should strive to keep in touch with your contacts and the importance of being authentic in your networking pursuits.

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Who to Network with

We know why and how we should network, but who should we be networking with? Whether you are looking for a mentor or keeping in touch with a client, these articles point out the types of people you should should strive to meet.

Check out Part I and II of “Choosing the Right Connections for Your Network,” for more suggestions on people you should network with.  




Networking has a ton of perks. It can bring you new opportunities, help you gain valuable relationships and help shape who you are, professionally and otherwise.

Did you find this helpful? Do you have any of your own tips on networking? We would love to hear from you on Facebook or Twitter.


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