Avoid the Resume Shredder with this Grammatical Insight…Not Incite

proofreading-misspellingOne of the biggest mistakes you can make in your job search is to submit a resume riddled with grammatical errors. In light of National Grammar Day, we wanted to provide a brief grammatical lesson that may keep your resume out of the shredder.






This may seem rudimentary, but it is so important to keep your tense consistent. Think past, present, and future. When talking about previous positions and job duties, pay attention to the tense you are using. While it is understandable to use the present tense for a current position and past tense for a previous position, switching between tenses haphazardly looks messy and unprofessional.

Interviewed potential candidates.
Focus on hiring best practices.

Subject-Verb Agreement

Subject-Verb Agreement is an easy grammatical misstep. This is best explained through an example.

Error: Manages various employees.
Proper: Managed various employees.

As you can see, the grammatical error can be easily overlooked but easily detected. The error above is written in third person. When writing a list of duties on your resume, write in “I” form or first person. After you write your list, go back and read your list aloud. Say “I” before each listed item. For example: “I manages various employees.” versus “I managed various employees.”


Homophones often fall into the realm of most-popular grammar faux pas. Homophones are the tricky words that sound identical but spelled differently carry different meanings.

Here are some commonly misused homophones:

Affect & Effect
Insightful & Inciteful
Its and It’s
There, They’re, & Their
Too, Two, & To

Overall Consistency

Consistency of punctuation, date/time formatting, and abbreviations can make or break your resume. While these can be personal preference, it is vital to present a professional, cohesive, and consistent resume. It always helps to go back and reread your resume and have others look it over. Even the best writers need editors. Reading aloud can help you identify any grammatical errors.

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