Is Automated HR In Our Near Future? (Part II)

Yesterday, we discussed Laurie Ruettimann’s wake up call to HR professionals as we begin to see human resources make its way towards a completely automated and streamlined process.

As a refresher, Ruettiman argues that people in HR will be replaced by technology because 99 percent of HR professionals are underperforming. And, according to her, “Nobody needs the BS that comes with human resources.”

But before you start tearing up your HR resume and throw your credentials out the window, there is a bit of good news: While it looks like technology is making it easier for companies to do away with the people in HR, candidates themselves aren’t quite ready to make the jump.

Candidates hold back on the technology jump

According to an article in the Financial Times, “The chances of social media job applications replacing traditional CVs look some way off.”

Hyphen, a recruitment process outsourcing agency, recently published research that showed a surprising fact about candidates’ social media use when it comes to job seeking.

While candidates are using social media and mobile apps for job searching and network building, candidates–nearly a quarter of those surveyed–still prefer to use traditional methods of applying. The reason, according to Zain Wadee, Hyphen’s managing director, is “for fear of not presenting themselves as a serious candidate.”

And this only one facet of the recruiting technology out there.

Beyond social media applications, companies are using recruitment software such as Bullhorn, Jobscience and Hirevue in order to enhance the recruiting process. But, the systems put in place still remain reliant on people.

In fact, a majority of companies still have systems that prefer applications to be made via Word documents. If other formats are used, chances are, parts of the candidate’s application may be lost in translation (or the application could be outright rejected).

HR Professionals are here to stay

It looks as if HR people may not need to be so worried about losing their jobs to a bunch of robots and software programs–so really, maybe automated HR isn’t in our near future.

According to Stuart Jones of Omni, another recruitment outsource, “The Utopian recruitment technology just isn’t out there yet that can replace the human resource.”

But, as Jones suspects, in the next decade there will be change. With the newer generation of tech/social media savvy HR people, there is no doubt that technology will play a bigger role than it already does in talent acquisition–meaning that you still need to consider how to take advantage of the technology out there (and not let it shut you out of your job).

That brings us back to the original focus of these posts: making sure you’re still the key to the whole recruiting process.

According to Jones, “recruitment remains a fundamentally human process that can never entirely be replaced by social media systems.” Sure, that means that you can rest easy knowing that you won’t lose your job to a robot, but as we’ve mentioned before, technology is not a crutch or scapegoat.

At the end of it all, you are the one who has the final say on who you hire or pass up, and you’re responsible for all hires–both good and bad. And even with a fear of automated HR looming over many of us, we don’t see that changing any time soon.