April Fool’s: Calling Interview Bluffs

shutterstock_176713700Honesty is the best policy. It is always best to be upfront and honest throughout the interview process. Keep in mind that hiring managers are trained to conduct interviews and are often specialists in assessing verbal and nonverbal cues.

On the flip side, it’s just as important for you, as the interviewee, to readily recognize lies. Don’t be surprised. Hiring managers and their job advertisements can be misleading. Here are some common things hiring managers lie about and how to call their bluff.

  1. “This position is real and we need you!” Okay, okay. This seems like an awesome message, but don’t get too excited yet. This might actually be a “tentative position for hire.” Some job postings are kept open for budget or other reasons with no immediate desire to hire. Pay close attention to job postings. Are the requirements or salary within reason? Then ask your recruiter how many interviews are being conducted and when they hope to fill the position.

  1. “We’ll figure it out as we go….” Uh oh! Organizations often need to fill many seats but can’t afford to hire as many employees as would fill them. Often this leads to a tentative job description with much room for fluctuation. Be sure to request a concrete list of expectations were you to accept the position.

  1. “We have a unique, unmatched company culture!” Every interviewer is going to sell their company culture. Remember to read the fine print and ask for specifics. Determine company culture by schedule flexibility, vacation time, and professional development opportunities instead of taking their word for it.

We aren’t saying that you should suspect every hiring manager. But, be alert and aware of these common misleadings! Have you been suspect of a hiring manager? Tell us all about it on on Facebook or Twitter!

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