Achieving intrinsic fulfillment

Are you a high-performance individual wondering what’s next? You may reach a certain point where you analyze your career and find that you lack fulfillment. You’re not alone. Many people in today’s culture think that a new car, money in the bank or a fancy job title will make them happy; however, studies show that these things don’t necessarily bring long-term fulfillment.

This week we encourage you to think about where your personal intrinsic fulfillment comes from. Thinking about the following may help if you’re trying to figure out what makes you most fulfilled at your current position.

What moments make you most proud?

Is it helping others succeed? Is it customer feedback? Think about those moments that give you long-term good feelings. When you know what gives you purpose at your job, you are a step closer to finding long term fulfillment in your position.

What do you love to do every day?

Think about where you enjoy spending your time and what feels most rewarding to you. When you can do more of what you love at a job, time starts to fly by and you become a much happier employee.

Knowing what makes you intrinsically fulfilled and following those patterns is what is going to make you feel more fulfilled in the long run. It’s also going to help you bring joy to the people around you.

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