The 9 Best Online Resources for Job Seekers

On Monday, we compiled a list of the top 20 online resources for employers seeking new talent.

And while that may be nice to read even if you’re not an employer, chances are that you won’t see much value from it as a job seeker. And because of that, we’ve spent some time compiling resources for you to use when seeking a job online.

Whether you’re looking for advice on what to do during an interview, want to know how to make the most out of job boards, or are just seeking general job seeking advice, we’ve got something for you.

So take a look at our collection of the 9 best online resources for job seekers (in no particular order):

  1.–The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ resources for job seekers. A good mix of industry guides, wage and salary information, and other tools like skill assessments.
  2.–Edited by Jessica Miller-Merrell, Blogging 4 Jobs has resources both for employers and job seekers. Their job seeking-related posts focus a lot on social media, interview tactics, and first impressions. A great blog.
  3.–Career Pivot’s boomer job tips are targeted towards baby boomers. Many job tips these days are marketed exclusively towards young people, so it’s refreshing to see a blog for baby boomers and passive searchers.
  4.–Glassdoor provides “an inside look at jobs and companies.” Our focus is on two specific features: companies and salaries. Glassdoor lets you search companies and see real reviews from employees, and also lets you see salary information for positions across the country. A great site to use if you’re interested in learning more about the companies you’re applying for.
  5.– is a relatively new site that’s absolutely packed with useful information for job seekers. Unsurprisingly, their best information is interview-related, but the whole site is worth a look if you’re looking for a job.
  6.–Another great site for salary information. In exchange for information about your current job and salary, this site will tell you what you’re worth, how other jobs pay, and how you fit in with other people in similar positions.
  7.–We mentioned the Diggings blog in our resources for employees, and the information on this blog is actually great for job seekers too. The writer, Tony Dayton, breaks down job industry data to tell you how different industries look, how specific jobs stack up, and where you should be looking. A great resource.
  8.–Careerealism’s motto is “because every job is temporary.” Though we don’t take as strong of an approach as they do, their site still contains a massive amount of information, in categories like job seeking, interviews, and lifestyle.
  9.–Corn on the Job, run by Gen Y career coach Rich DeMatteo, is a great blog for anyone–not just Gen Y’ers–seeking a job today. Lots of great advice here for people trying to make the most of the current job market.

Let’s face it–trying to find a job can be stressful. But the more prepared you are for the entire job seeking process–from searching, to interviews, to eventual employment–the more valuable you’ll be as a candidate, and the more likely it is that you’ll be a great asset to your new place of employment.

And in addition to the resources you see above, you should remember that AIM Careerlink is the best resource around for finding jobs. Our employers have access to tools that they won’t find anywhere else, which translates to a great chance of landing a great job for you as a job seeker. Log onto our site and take a look around–there’s no better place to find a job!

If you have any questions about any of the resources you see here, let us know on Facebook or Twitter! We’re always happy to answer questions and are more than willing to help.