The 8 Best Online Resources for Older Job Seekers

Yesterday, we talked about why employers should consider the older job seeker, and a few weeks ago we gave some great online resources for all job seekers. Today, we thought we’d give another list, specifically concentrated on older job seekers.

The resources below cover topics from interviewing, to resume building and career planning–all of which are geared towards the older job seeker.

Here, in no particular order, is our list of the 8 best online resources for older job seekers:

  1. AARP. The AARP is probably the most expansive site around when it comes to resources for those 50 and older. Along with its blog, the work & retirement page and the money page will probably be the most beneficial for older job seekers.
  2. Interns Over 40Interns Over 40 might not be the prettiest blog out there–at times it can be a little tricky to search around the site–but the wealth of information on the benefits of hiring older employees, and how one can get hired, is a must read for both job seekers and employers.
  3. Career PivotWe’ve mentioned Career Pivot in a previous blog post on job seeker resources, but their section on Boomer job tips is so useful that there’s no way we could leave it out of our list here.
  4. Gen PlusThough updated rather infrequently, Gen Plus provides a nice mix of advice on job seeking, and tips on updating social media/technology skills for those 50 and older.
  5. 40 Plus Career Guru40pluscareerguru is based out of the UK, but what we like about them is their “stay ahead of the curve” attitude when it comes to careering planning beyond the age of 40.
  6. Job Tips and Strategies for Older Job Seekers. We posted this guide on our Google+ last week, but we think that it’s a great source for older job speakers, specifically when it comes to resume/cover letter tips and interviewing advice.
  7. Senior Living Jobs and FinanceAgain, a few other guides from, this time from its senior living page.
  8. Employment Options: Tips for Older Job SeekersThis is a great brochure from For a quick read, it has a lot of great tips, as well as links to a few more resources worth taking a look at.

We know that sifting through blogs and websites for substantive information can be frustrating. By compiling the list above, we hope that we’ve given you a good start on finding the good information out there about restarting your career.

Once you feel ready to start your job search, remember–AIM Careerlink is the best resource around for finding jobs. Feel free to contact us for more questions about how AIM Careerlink is a great tool for all job seekers, young and old alike.

Do you have any questions about any of the resources you see here? Or, are there any resources that you think we should’ve put on our list? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter. We’re always happy to hear from you.